Think EFFICIENCY, think people skills, think lower cost.

There is never time for complacency, since there are always project opportunities that can improve your processes. You can rest assured that with HSEQ Toolshop education you are getting the best materials built on our extensive industry knowledge. As the manufacturing processes keep developing, so must the ways we educate our staff. Transporting people to one location for each required training is far too expensive and inefficient. A few weeks later, 80% of the knowledge will be gone. Use the latest in education delivery:

E-Learning   Micro-Learning   Gamification
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E-Learning brings a convenience of on-
line access. Eliminate travel,
accommodation, meals and stress
from hazards your people are exposed
to when they travel away from their
familiar workplace. Lower the training
costs and at the same time, increase
your ROI (Return On Investment) for
this important expense. E-Learning
is taking the corporate world by storm.
Do not stay behind!
  Through micro-learning, your people
can learn just about every day, during
the time that suits them, and right at
their workplace. The benefits are

  • Less time off work
  • Use of audio/video
  • Lesson animation
  • Self paced
  • High knowledge retention
  To improve your organization’s culture,
you need to improve behavior of your
people. We deploy carefully selected,
specific game principles into our eTool
lessons. This approach draws people
attention, introduces a fun component
and makes participants competitive.
That in turn creates an environment
where the learning capacity and
knowledge retention flourish. And
these are the components you need
to stimulate.


Out-of-the-box learning materials

Office and Corporate Office Construction Site Warehouse Workshop Toolbox
For all Admin, HR, Design,
Supply or Management; most
people will visit this workplace
For Construction workers
(blue collar), your contra-
ctors, and all Managers
that visit the site
For Warehouse and Store
staff, including those
who enter this workplace
For majority of your staff,
since most will at some
point enter your
production area
Blue collar and OHS/WHS
people know this term
well. Use our sessions to
spice up the meetings


Our design team will be happy to work with you on any specific requirements you may have. Contact us today. We would love to help.

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