Identifying all technical and legislative requirements, documenting them in specific procedures, and then ensuring that every staff member is trained to the required level can be a very costly exercise. What if there was a better way?

At HSEQ Toolshop, we have taken the time to pin-point those areas, where best practices can be taught and implemented within the typical and common working environments, such as:

  • Small offices, Corporate offices
  • Construction Sites
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops

This will free your resources to focus on those parts of your compliance, where specialisation and local expertise are at the premium.

HSEQ Toolshop incorporates 3 major learning principles to take your workplace learning and compliance to new levels:

E-Learning   Micro-Learning   Gamification
IndMinPic_eLearning_0.png   IndMinPic_MicroLearning_0.png   IndMinPic_Gamification_0.png
The benefits of e-learning are widely
recognized in the industry, yet the
aspects of building strong health &
safety compliance behavior are often
left to dated, traditional, in class delivery.
Change that today with our leading
online lessons, and experience a
change in staff attitude and skill

Micro learning lessons delivered to
a user’s desk, can be taken anytime,
in frequent periods and provide
immediate feedback. What stays
retained, stays in focus. Changes
in staff behavior lead to changes
in your company culture. That is
an outcome we aim to influence
with our eTools.

  Learning through game is closely
associated with one of the longest
proven learning theories – behaviorism.
BEHAVIOUR and CULTURE are tightly
interlinked. It is difficult to improve
an organization's culture without a
change in staff behavior. Gamification
brings engagement and competitiveness;
the 2 components you need to succeed.


Talk to us

We would love to work closely with you to incorporate our expertise in education and instructional design, to meet your specific training requirements. We create workplaces with state of the art graphics, and bring them to life through web coding, using interactive and serious game principles. Let your users enjoy our sessions, while they learn, retain and apply critical compliance topics.

Our design team will be happy to work with you on any specific requirements you may have. Contact us today

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