Despite organisations investing in the latest in satellite tracking of goods, or cloud based fleet management, training often remains the same, tired model, which has not been updated and improved in years.

We understand that you need employees who:

  • Work efficiently
  • Help you to eliminate unnecessary costs from rework / repeat or incorrect delivery / goods damage
  • Use your fleet to its full potential while saving time, distance, fuel and the environment
  • Participate in a safe environment by their own behavior and caring for others, not only within your own facilities, but at places over which you have little or no control
  • Do not need to travel for training (travel represents lost work time, travel / accommodation / meals costs, and can create new, additional stress factors)

What we bring

♦ Take our innovative combination of E-learning, Micro-learning and Gamification. ♦ Add HSEQ Toolshop’s unique, in-depth knowledge of OHS/WHS requirements, Environmental and Quality management systems, and associated standards and legislation. ♦ Mix in our long-term expertise in Lean / Six Sigma and cross functional process improvement. ♦ Merge all that and place it on a state of the art platform, build with custom graphics, interactive web design and the latest in HTML5 technology.
♦ This is HSEQ Toolshop. This is an expertise you can benefit from

Office and
Corporate Office

Construction Site Warehouse Toolbox
Let your staff experience true
to life workplace, and immerse
your participants fully into
challenges they will face daily.
The experience will leave your
staff excited to share their
achievements with others. When
was the last time your employees
talked about the training provided?
Construction is likely to be a
part of your growth projects.
It is also a place, repeatedly
listed as major cause of
accidents and negative envi-
ronmental impact. Provide
your people with the experience
of the best in class workplace
through our lessons.  
Goods and material storage is
not the simple task it used to be.
A plethora of legislative require-
ments, multiplied with your
own directives, can become
an ordeal to follow. Use our
warehouse eTool, or talk to us
about a custom solution to your
specific requirements.
Toolbox has become an industry
standard for brief, focused,
frequent (often daily or weekly)
meetings on safety topics.
Resolve your struggle for new
topic materials by utilizing our
Toolbox lessons, in which
individual or groups can directly


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