Delivering infrastructure projects efficiently, with the least impact on the environment and with zero harm to people can be challenging and costly.

Training challenges

  • Travelling for training, while exposed to hazards out of the organization’s control, yet within the organization’s liability for staff safety
  • Time out of office puts strain on tight and limited budgets
  • Training frequency limited (trainer’s availability, travel & costs)
  • Same pace for everyone in the class
  • Limited feedback during the course (one trainer – many participants)
  • Participants often cannot re-visit content
  • Difficulty practising the gained knowledge hands on

How to eliminate them
HSEQ Toolshop eliminates all of these problems through an innovative combination of e-learning, micro-learning and gamification principles built into our eTool lessons. We select the most common workplaces, associated with hazards (OHS/WHS), aspects (Environment) and problems (Quality of operational processes) and design specific learning sessions. The knowledge contained within can be taught to your staff and your contractors to achieve lower risks and higher ROI (Return On Investment). Micro-learning and gamification principles embedded into our sessions bring increased knowledge retention, engagement, and an element of fun.

Office and Corporate Office Construction Site Warehouse Workshop Toolbox
Our real-like-workplace will
immerse the participant fully
into presented challenges.
Your staff will leave excited,
sharing their achievements
with others. When was the
last time your employees
talked about the provided
Construction is one of
the industries often
associated with safety
accidents and negative
environmental impact.
Give your people an
experience of our uniquely
designed lessons to
improve the OHS focus. 
A plethora of legislative
requirements, multiplied
with your own directives,
can become a difficult path
to follow for complaince.
Use our warehouse eTool,
or talk to us about your
own customization, and
reap the benefits.
When the workshop does
not run like a Swiss watch,
money and resources are
wasted. Best practices in
OHS/WHS, environmental
care and business excellence
are here for the user to
Toolbox: a brief, focused,
frequent (often daily or
weekly) meeting on safety
topics. Resolve your search
for new materials by utilizing
our Toolbox lessons as part
of your meetings, and
energize your people.


How you benefit
Deploy this unique combination of latest trends in education, combined with our industry leading expertise in OHS/WHS requirements, Environmental and Quality systems based on the international standards requirements and OHS/WHS legislation. Embark on this progressive path with us, and become a leader in this field. Use the deployment to give your business an edge over the competition. Any questions? Contact us today.

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