For Staff

Your staff lead the committment to all-time safe, environmentally conscious and quality focused behavior. Gaps in management processes or non-compliance with defined rules can cause disruptions that can be costly, and negatively impact on your reputation. HSEQ Toolshop lessons provide your staff with effective learning systems, covering the OHS/WHS obligations, environmental awareness/knowledge and critical quality aspects. Our objective is to support you with state of the art systems that help to better manage processes within your organisation.

For Students

Regardless of which educational stage your students are at, they will ultimately enter the workforce. They too will have to understand safe systems of work, contribute to employer sustainability programs, and participate in process improvement and quality outcomes. Embedding the knowledge and safe behaviors to your student’s actions from an early stage, will help them to become more valuable, better prepared players for the industry. HSEQ Toolshop lessons emulate real workplaces, giving your students feel for what they can expect; yet they will learn in a safe, game like environment, where they can practice, repeat and experience different scenarios through a full engagement.

Why us

HSEQ Toolshop incorporates the latest learning principles to take your workplace learning and compliance to the next level:

E-Learning   Micro-Learning   Gamification
IndEduPic_Elearning.png   IndEduPic_Micro-learning.png   IndEduPic_Gamification.png
The key benefit of e-learning is an online
delivery. Aspects of building a strong
health & safety compliance and high
quality behaviors are becoming more and
more critical for your students - the future
industry leaders.
  Micro-learning effectiveness is superior
to the traditional form of learning. That
is why this modern learning form is
specifically suitable for health & safety,
quality and environmental care. Try it,
and benefit from the experience.
  When people get engaged, they
remember. When they remember,
they apply the skills. When they
apply the skills, they become more
valuable to their employer. Provide
your students will state of the art
learning platform.


How you benefit

Deploy this unique combination of the latest techniques in education.  Combined with our industry leading expertise in OHS/WHS requirements, Environmental and Quality systems based on the international standards requirements and OHS/WHS legislation. Embark on this progressive path with us, and become a leader in this field. Then use the deployment to give your business an edge over the competition. Any questions? Contact us today.

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